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    • I've seen the device in question, the "sawstop" (type "sawstop" in You Tube search). It's a truly remarkable piece of equipment. Unfortunately, the manufacturer can't sell any. It makes the saw more expensive and it must be replaced after each "save". No one wants to pay for safety because they're smarter than the next guy and won't cut their fingers off. ...and you can always disable it....

    • A friend of mine encountered this one "Oh, we consider 180 days the same as cash."

    • Wow! I'm 55 and I keep a slip of paper in my pocket to preserve volatile facts for later. I also have my more permanent "big book of stuff" (a la Harold Reed of the Statler Brothers) with a table of contents. I used to keep old business cards in my pocket, but no one comes around any more and I can't read anything written that small any more.

    • Maybe 10 years ago or more, I wanted to learn more about Linux, so I did a web search. Upon reaching one site, I was greeted with the message: "As a user of Windows, you are not worthy to enter this site." Nothing since has totally erased that arrogance in my mind.

    • After some thought, I have to go with the X_Acto Knife, although you forgot a few uses such as: emergency wire stripper and tool for opening snap-together plastic boxes. For the general public, it would probably be scissors. I once reasoned that every "sink" has a limit beyond which it can absorb no more. I started buying scissors in 10-packs. It turns out that the scissors sink is virtually limitless. Now I carefully hide my pair of scissors, replacing it when my hiding place is discovered (and after finding a new hiding place). If you leave some blood on your X-Acto Knife, or something that looks like blood, you precious knife will probably not be "borrowed".