Jim Turley

Jim Turley is contributing editor on Embedded.com. He wrote the column Significant Bits in Embedded Systems Programming magazine and served as the editorial director of the Embedded Systems Programming/Design magazine, Embedded.com, and the Embedded Systems Conference. He's written several books, including Essential Guide to Semiconductors, Advanced 80386 Programming Techniques, and PCs Made Easy. Jim Turley now runs Silicon Insider, an independent consultancy. For more info on Jim Turley, go to http://www.jimturley.com/stuff/about-jim-turley.

Jim Turley

's contributions
    • Is the 32-bit world is coalescing around just two: ARM and x86?

    • Embedded systems are evolving in exciting ways but our design methods are out of date.

    • Jim Turley writes about semiconductors for embedded systems developers. The column was originally published in Embedded Systems Programming magazine.

    • Choosing a processor is a decision that will live with you for years. Which ones should you look at? This paper examines some of the best from 100+ choices, and zeros in on the best examples from many different categories. It also provides guidelines for evaluating processors for embedded systems.

    • My PC is probably a lot like yours. It takes about two and a half minutes to boot, an eternity to most people. Here are ideas for improving boot up delays in your designs.

    • What makes semiconductor manufacturing so different.

    • Intel's move to give up on its x86 processor line is the end of an era.

    • What has 250 million transistors and nine processors? It's IBM, Sony, and Toshiba's Cell processor. Here's how the hardware works and what makes it special.

    • There's nothing quite like a new perspective. The May issue of Embedded Systems Design magazine is full of articles about "thinking different," right-brained reasoning and getting different perspectives on old engineering problems. Even though engineering is usually characterized as methodical, procedural and a bit unoriginal, it's good to think outside the proverbial box from time to time. </P>

    • The Essential Guide to Semiconductors is a complete professional's guide to the business and technology of semiconductor design and manufacturing. This chapter provides an overview of the old- and new-style design processes, verifying the design works, using outside IP, getting to tape out and film, and current problems and future trends.