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Paul Glaubitz

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    • The iPod Touch isn't as lucky as the iPhone/iPad. As the owner of a Gen 1 Touch I'm stuck with iOS3. Fewer and fewer new apps run on that version of iOS.

    • I have had a PE (I say had since I haven't been able to meet the formal continuing education requirements. Which are a good idea, but that's another topic...) The problem I see with testing is how do you test concepts without regard to OS (or lack thereof) or implementation language, especially since many pitfalls are language and/or OS specific. Or is the testing specific and one has to maintain several licenses (I think most software engineers wear several hats. In my current job I write C/C++, Javascript, python & C# (rarely), on Several flavors of windows (server and desktop), Linux, VxWorks, etc.) Unless legal (governments) or QA standards (ISO, CMM) start requiring businesses to have licensed SW engineers there isn't likely to be a competitive advantage to hiring licensed engineers (and helping maintain any continuing education requirements).

    • The benefits of this model are not all one sided. In the 15+ years since I've graduated there have been times where explaining a design to "junior" engineer has resulted in finding a subtle flaw that would have very difficult (managers should read this as expensive) to find and fix. Though they also bring a new viewpoint to a old problem that sometimes leads to a better solution.