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    • Great article Will - I think you captured a broad view exceptionally well. I would augment this by saying that open standards are key to quality and interoperability of the software blocks. .... Kim Rowe

    • It seems that this approach is more of an attached processing model when dealing with heterogeneous multiple cores similar to the bios approach. While this works, it does not necessarily provide the best utilization of resource and it is this utilization or load balancing that is key for optimal multicore SoC designs. With all the scheduling pushed to the hardware, how is this load balance achieved? Do we just select the hardware which gives the best schedule depending on the design tradeoffs rather than use software control to hit 100% utilization on all processing elements?

    • I think you've missed the point that customers like choices. If you talk to any of the semiconductor companies, some think that your argument has merit. Many others think that alternatives are a good thing. One size Linux doesn't fit all and although autosar is great for runtime control, telmatics is headed in a different direction.

    • Abstract data types and getting the algorithm right first are well known to new graduates today. Unfortunately the "code first" mentality in many of the "finest" teaching institutions and the lack of software engineering knowledge at the management level persist poor practices.