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    • ARM is more and more strong. When ARM could compete with Intel on PC? At present, ARM is dominant in comsumer field. I clearly remembered that I heared the name of ARM in 2005. At that time, ARM7 was popular. Now we could find ARM nearly everywhere. How fast it is!

    • Personally I think the linux operating system has great future, at least in China. Nowadays, the most popular training in China could be divided into two type. One is language,you could find English training institues everywhere, some even invite foreigners from western countries to teach. Another is embedded system training, especially focus on linux. Many companies need employees who have experience on embedded linux. With regart to security, seldom Chinese companies would consider this issue at present.

    • Whether we choose the multicore or not, it mostly depend on the application field. For instance, our company mainly focus on researching and developing digital video.We need to complete image processing with DSP and certain control function such as keys,etc. Therefor, we use AMBARELLA multicore processor.

    • The age of microprocessor is older than me. Just as Bill Gates said,we could not correctly estimate the development of new technology in the next ten years. It is really a good article to let us know the history of electronic, I would like to translate it into Chinese and share with others in China.