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    • Excellent advise. I will definitely take your word for sure.

    • Fujitsu has 700 ARM Cortex-M micros, 0.39$ is only for high volume orders, For low quantity it might end up at 1$ mark. If the concept of programmable logic gates inside microcontroller proves to be successful, then it is possible that in future, a low gate count FPGA will end up embedded as another peripheral of a typical microcontroller.

    • Hello Jack, just a point. STM32F3 is Cortex-M4 not an M3, and i am sure it must be a typo not only for you but for ST also, because F3 sounds more like a M3 core in it. I made a similar assumption a little while back.

    • No. 8-bit will not die until every student on earth begin learning embedded system with 32 bit parts.

    • Good article, Jack. If all vehicles on road are self driving, which might happen in some distant future, no problem at all. But the transition period in which some vehicles are self driving and others or not, is going to be the toughest part and will take longer than we all expect. On one bad day, what if a morning paper shows "Man dead during crossing a road because of an accident with Self Driving Car". The industry would simply collapse. Yes, autonomous aircrafts are there. But Air-traffic is not equal to road-traffic. A child chasing his dog will not disturb flight path. This means autonomous vehicles are going to be delayed. Much much delayed.

    • Music + Embedded = Unmatched Entertainment.

    • Perfect Title Mr.Jack. In microcontroller world, i believe, asymmetrical multicore is the way to go. With the advancement in process nodes (90nm, 65nm, and lesser...) and ultra cheap (less than a dollar) high performance microcontrollers, i see huge opportunity for multicore asymmetrical controllers in the short term. The cores might need not be the same. This results in huge variety of SoC like microcontroller chips. I know a few of them that is worth mentioning, 1)LPC4000 from NxP (Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M0) 2)Concerto™ Series from TI (C2000 and Cortex-M3)

    • void main() { printf("Welcome MR.Dennis you are in"); printf("heaven"); } Best programming language: "C" Best programming book : "The C Programming Language" Thank you Dennis for satisfying my intellect.

    • Excellent and Informative. Mastery Presentation.

    • My point is if an engineer is able to build an embedded system without any one's help (other than raw material suppliers like chips and PCB manufacturers) he would be much more humble than if he would be in a team environment. Large teams decrease salvation for an engineer. They could be masters but not Grandmaster.