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    • With todays multi-core soc environment we require a robust language like ADA.

    • Whether good or bad we all have to agree that the world is now dependent fully on software and the world is now running on software. The software in some of the systems is so huge and so complex that it is not possible to make it 100% fool-proof. But it is possible to make the software fault tolerant so that it continues to run . Most of today's money transactions are being handled by software. Even airplanes are being flown by software The days are not far away when the software will be written to correct itself of the error situations.

    • This looks like an enhanced functionality watchdog . But writing such a watch dog is more complex than the application. isn't it?

    • This is a great news for Java lovers who want to use Java in small embedded applications. The implementation of Java where the virtual machine concept is removed and Pure Java is used will make it look like any other language implementation and the overheads associated with the VM - memory and real time latencies can also be minimized. I am eager to use such Java implementation in my embedded applications.

    • One of the security measures that can be deployed for an embedded device is to reduce the time for which it remains connected to the internet, to minimum required. That can reduce the time a hacker or attacker gets to get into that device and break open its security

    • Yes of course! Networking micro controllers using serial links was a common practice at that time. Using serial multiplexor cards we had built a networked system for Hotel Management application sometime in 1985

    • The basic concepts in any programming language are 1) data Types 2) arithmetic operations 3) logic operations ( Boolean) 4) Program control - branching, looping, procedure calling Once you know these basic by learning a programming language it is easy to switch from one language to another by learning the syntactical differences. The algorithms to solve a problem generally remain the same.

    • On freeways and express highways such self driven cars will definitely be a boon which will save us from those long hours of sitting with steering wheel in hand. More time to spend with kids on the backseat!

    • David, reading your article , i felt like reliving my career in the Embedded systems. I started my career in the hardcore Embedded systems sometime in 1979 and have traveled through all those transitions in the micro controllers, OS the RTOS and the development tools. Those were the days! doing away with the print media is an inevitable thing of today as everybody is more at ease with the online content.

    • A very informative tutorial for a person looking at this topic for the first time and is also good for the person who has cursory information on the topic. It would be nice to include some real life implementations showing the energy requirements of a given circuit and how those requirements have been met by the applicable energy harvesting technique.